\\kəmˈpen(t)səˌtōrē, (ˈ)käm|p-, -tȯr-, -ri\ adjective
Etymology: compensate + -ory
: serving as compensation : making amends : making up for loss

a compensatory enlargement of the heart

to overcome this feeling of inferiority by developing such compensatory mechanisms as intelligent aggression or shrewdness — Edward Sapir

a. : designed to counteract extreme fluctuations in the business cycle especially by governmental planning and adjustments in revenue programs and government expenditures

theories of compensatory fiscal policy

a compensatory economy

b. : maintaining the length of a syllable — used especially of the lengthening of a vowel when a following consonant is lost (Latin cānus, earlier căsnus) or the doubling of a consonant when a preceding vowel becomes short (Latin lĭttera, earlier lītera)

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